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Cabinet Lock

CB-03 / CB-05

CB-03 / CB-05

CB-03 / CB-05

The best solution for better mobility!



Opening with proximity key.


*Compatible with SOFTWARE
This model allows, with proximity card, working with the same software that controls the hotel locks.
You can with the same key card open the room door as well as the locker.


With the wide range of possible lock, you can choose the best suited to you.


Can be used in various types of lockers, such as:


- Gyms, Schools, Airports, SPA´s, etc ...


As in furniture:


- Wardrobes, Desks, Waivers, Archives, etc ...


From a simple configuration in which a bracelet is used as a key that allows total freedom of movement as well as a simple but complete management of all locks.


With this system you are able to:


- Create users for each door


- Eliminate one or more users


- Create a master key management capable of managing all the locks


- Create a master key to open one or all doors


Also includes an input power supplier through a transformer universal transformer so that in case of lack of battery it can open the door with all the convenience without damaging the door.


- Proximity Bracelet
- Proximity Key (keychain version)









The Main Card is used to create Secondary Card. Main Card is the Key of the lock, it can be configured as master key.
The same card can be shared by all the locks..





About 15 different identification numbers can be stored in the lock which means that each lock can be opened by 15 diferent keycards.



Technical Features


Applicable Card: iCard Card / Magnetic Bracelet / Proximity Bracelet/ Magnetic key / Proximity key / Random code (depending on model): 1000.000 times the lifetime.
Material: ABS or metal chrome
Power Supply: 3 standard AA Alkaline batteries
Baterry Life: LOW TENSION WARNING: When the current tension is lower then 4,5 V, a warning will appear when it’s not locked.
The lock can be unlocked for about 200 times before the batteries are replaced.
Static Consumption: 8uA
Dynamic Consumption: 180mA
Humidity: 20%-80%
Working Temperature: -25ºC ~55ºC
Opening Time: The lock will be locked again automatically 7 seconds after it has been unlocked (or pass key again to lock); customizable.
Reability of Card Insertion: 10 000 uses are guaranteed







CB-03 / CB-05

CB-03 / CB-05

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