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iClassic SP

iClassic SP

New design, with new technology


Model with minimalist modern design.


iClassic SP




With iClassic SP can configure all your accesses through a simple and intuitive management software.



iClassic SP



It allows also a configuration for future use, allowing send the iCard by mail, so when your VIP client arrives to your Hotel save time and go to his room with all the access already pre-defined.


Allows the creation of innumerous kinds of access cards so you have the maximum quality on your services; from the mastercard, which allows you to open all your hotel chain, (open all the locks by your own parameters) even the simple opening limitation of the lock by the utilization numbers.


Includes also a mechanic key which can be used in emergency case so you will never be without access to your door opening.

With the informatics system you can make all kinds of control and obtain the information of any lock with an innovator data collector, also used with a proximity card.


Technical features:
Material - ABS
Modern Design
Proximity Card
Separate external rosette

iClassic SP

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