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Modular Design | Mini Panel | CEC Support







  iHUB 03 PLUG DLNA    iHUB 03 PLUG Bluetooth 





The iHub Plub-03® is the most innovative and latest version with a new modular design.
Versatile, offers bluetooth streaming, a USB port for fast charging of all your electronic devices and one for Plug & Play, to watch videos, movies, pictures, play,
and make video calls.
With a front HDMI input allows portable computers connection and peripherals with HDMI. The input jack functions as a universal audio auxiliary (AUX).




Compact and stylish design; iHUB 03 is available in three finishes, brushed metal, tempered glass, or plated metal
Modular Design; Free combination of different functional panels can produce any different sizes and styles
Truly plug and play; auto-senses users devices; auto-switches TV to HDMI input and switches TV to the original mode when device is discontinued
The USB input supports various USB solutions; playback, fast USB charging for all portable electronic devices.
Support Full HD video resolution up to 1080p
Can be embedded in wall or in furniture
Dimensions: 86mm x 86mm








Brushed metal