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we're not only electronic we're mechatronic
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I-TEC Media






Itec Media brings you the best electronic devices, so you can feel a higher level of excellence.



iTEC Media has a central focus and that´s bringing to you the best of multimedia, for you to enjoy to the maximum

your devices and files the most convenient way possible. The user is our bigger priority. We seek the development

of our product range with the objective of making you feel in a higher excellence state, we want you comfortable, with

a foot on the future wherever you are, at home, in a hotel room, in the office, etc... With our products you have an easy

access, with quality, quickly and as functional as possible with all your multimedia devices.



The iHUB range has a design and advanced technology that allows your client to connect their multi-media personal

devices to existing systems in the hotel room in order to enjoy his music, videos, etc., through the HD TV.